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My Singing Monsters Cheats - Best Way To Get Diamonds

 Have you ever seen the monsters singing somewhere? Well if your answer is no then here in the My Singing Monsters, you can raise several musical monsters. The developer of the game has created the game with a unique idea.  My Singing Monsters is a fantastic world-building game where the players will require collecting the monsters and feed to raise them.

The most flabbergasting thing is that these cute monsters can not only sing in the game but also can dance and have fun while playing. In the game, many different islands are having their various songs. So you need to collect the magical singing monsters on your island. And you know what here you need to make them happy to increase your funds in the game which is the main spotlight of the game. However, if you are unable to find the monsters and to gather the funds, then you always have the back of My Singing Monsters cheats. SO, collect your monsters, breed them, and make them live happily in your monster island.


In- game Currency

The money can be spent in the game on four primary in-world currency of the game, that are the Diamonds, the food obviously, keys and lastly the diamonds. Although there are four more of them: Treats, shards, star power, and relics. Here we will talk about the major ones in the game. There are several ways by which you can earn these four resources in the game that have been reiterated below:

Food: The game consists of our little tiny monster, and it is evident that to make them grow, you’ll require feeding them with some stuff. Therefore, the food is also kept as the leading fund in the game, being an essential part of the game. Feeding these adorable monsters with food will help you in generating more income through them. Now you may be wondering about the aspect of the revenue, for that have a glance at the forthcoming paragraph.

Diamonds: Once you have raised your singing monsters, you can earn money with their help. You need to keep the monsters cheerful to obtain more Diamonds, and after you have collected enough amounts of Diamonds, you can open your orchestra and earn more funds.

The Diamonds can also be used to buy many pieces of stuff in the game like decorations, islands, upgrades, shards, and much more.

Keys: While playing the game, you’ll find out that there are dipsters. TO purchase these dipsters, you will require the keys. Also, these dipsters cost different on each island. One can earn the keys by:

  • getting them as a gift,
  • Through daily check-in,
  • Exchanging with real life money,
  • After completing the 16th level, one can generate the keys, but the only limitation is that first you have to get the access of the main currency.

Diamonds often referred to as gems in the game: The Gems are the premium currency and can be used to purchase various things in the game such as the simulated monsters, castle upgrades, hotel upgrades, to hasten up the time-dependent tasks in the game.

One can catch hold of the gems by playing mini- games, by accomplishing various tasks each week, through spin wheels, daily check-in rewards, by purchasing the gems by spending real money as an in-app purchase and much more.

However, to get instant access to the currencies, you can use the MY Singing Monsters hack. Thereby, you will get an unlimited number of currencies in the game. Thereby, you can enjoy the game without worrying about running out of the currencies.


Apart from these currencies if we talk about the features of the game, then the game has been developed amazingly by the developer. It is made by engrossing many incredible elements in the game such as the different species of monsters singing adorably, fascinating customizable islands the game a lot much fun to keep the players alluded to the game.